sabato 22 maggio 2010

The Arab and Muslim World: Alternative Visions May 22 - 24th, 2010

The Fifth Annual Al Jazeera Forum will take an in-depth look at alternative visions for the Arab and Muslim world from the perspective of socio-political, cultural, and strategic changes as seen through the eyes of emerging movements, non-state actors, governments and civil societies that are changing the power matrix of the region. The Forum will provide a platform to explore this multi-faceted mix of dynamics through debate and discussion by engaging many of the players directly involved in reshaping the region. We will host a range of political analysts, journalists, activists, media experts, and intellectuals to explore these critical issues in the form of keynotes, roundtables and interactive sessions.

We will also be holding an exclusive New Media Session which investigates the major impact of the global financial crisis on traditional media. As large media companies are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the skyrocketing costs of running a newsroom, many executives are going back to the drawing board in order to redefine their core strategies, especially in the online space. In addition there will be seminar organized by : Al Jazeera Public Liberties and Human Rights Symposium titled “Media Freedom Between the Exercise of Rights and Responsibility”

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